Shipping plugin nopcommerce

  • If customers have some shippable products, they can choose a shipping option during checkout
  • These shipping options are returned from shipping rate computation methods (such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc). Shipping rate computation methods are implemented as plugins in nopCommerce.
  • We recommend you read How to write a nopCommerce plugin before you start coding a new shipping rate computation method.
  • The article will explain to you the required steps for creating a plugin.

Getting shipping options.

  • Now you need to create a class which implements IShippingRateComputationMethod interface.
  • This is the class that will be doing all the actual work. When nopCommerce calculates shipping totals or needs to get a list of available shipping options, the GetShippingOptions or GetFixedRate methods of your class will be called.
  • Here is how UPSComputationMethod class is defined (“UPS” method):
/// /// UPS computation method /// public class UPSComputationMethod : BasePlugin, IShippingRateComputationMethod {

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