Develop and deploy interactive and dynamic web sites. Your website – the public facing side – is just the tip of the iceberg. An Intranet site for employees, an extranet for partners & vendors and a social media presence to stay relevant all have to be taken into account. Each of these elements is a building block that connects your company to people, organizes the processes and centralizes the information to create an effective long term strategy.


Appleseed Portal is created to solve our own small business integration issues.The first thing we needed as a small business was an affordable website, and open source was the way to go. We continue to maintain Appleseed Portal for micro-enterprises and give it away for free with most of our retainer and project packages.

We also provide Presence & Strategy on the Appleseed Portal Platform. Appleseed can do more than just websites, and it is currently being used in many of our client projects as a framework for software and application integration.

Appleseed solves a problem that had not been solved before. How can all of the various online activities of a business be bundled into one location with an easy to use interface? As you can see, it’s not a simple problem to solve. There have been many attempts by others and they have all fallen short of a solution that is both simple and elegant. In our pursuit of that golden solution, we are building Appleseed as a framework for businesses to operate their companies and conduct trade around the world.