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HaptiX provides complete solutions in web content management and customer experience using Sitecore CMS that fulfill clients needs both today and tomorrow. IT capabilities and infrastructure are essential for business to survive and thrive. Yet investment is prohibitive and in house resources rarely remain current. HaptiX not only helping their client to develop a solution into Sitecore but anything to when it comes to Sitecore and also provide a corporate training to the right resource according to the need of their clients and make them work dedicatedly for their client in shorter time.

In today’s competitive global economy, the outsourcing of IT projects is unshakable reality as the advantage associated with this symbiotic relationship are far too many to ignore. It directly translates into to enormous saving both in terms of time and money, leaving the corporate free to concentrate on its core business. This is especially true in a location like India with its pool of well trained, English-Speaking and inexpensive specialists. Our right-shore model offers clients a balance combinational of local, national and international resource and support that allows them to maximize their IT capabilities.

We are one step solution provider of Sitecore in variations specialties such as Digital marketing, Sitecore foundry, Sitecore, Web Content Management, Customer Engagement Platform, Ecommerce Enterprise and many more. We follow extremely non-compromising strategies to deliver results which are completely based on the customer’s requirements. Our entry endeavor is in the direction of helping our customers streamline their operations in order to take a full advantage of the upcoming technologies in Sitecore.

All our works are designed in a manner to give people the most accessible & usable designs that are completely devised according to the web standard using CSS, JAVASCRIPT & search engine optimization.