why haptix
Our benefits to people are enormous in terms of the values and behavior which are driving force behind the success of the company. We give complete ownership of the work our people do for their assignments which help in making the project successful as everybody has a little sense of “winning the world with little help” and that help bring back the togetherness and team spirit.


Training and innovation at Intransure are the two integral components of success and nurturing people which signifies a massive cross-cultural as well as cross-technology enabled talent pool.


There is a great scope of learning opportunity beside the existing technology domain as our client base spread across geography, verticals and the specialized services industries. This creates a trend within the employees as a motivational power to work across variety of projects and assignments and successful implementation.


We are excited so as our team to work for our valued clients in building an aspiration of exponential growth and be part of the journey of creating success stories.