How are we different

We believe in below standards to be unique

  We are unique; we are innovative in developing customized solutions for each client yet disciplined to ensure timely and successful results

  We are collaborative; we become partners with our clients and contribute to their long term success

  We are entrepreneurial; we understanding a importance of committing to continual improvements

 We ensure that we meet not only the requirements of our customers but the requirements of their customers as well. By ensuring the satisfaction of our customer’s we ensure our customer’s satisfaction and positively impact their top line.

  Each company is unique in its opportunities and challenges, requirements and culture. IT solution and services should be equally unique. We thing like you do at HaptiX

HaptiX Value Proposition A Partnership Approach

  Indian based company leverage India’s offshore capabilities in Sitecore completely.

  End to end IT solutions provider

  Complete expertise to meet their business challenges.

 Partnership approach and cultural compatibility to foster long-term relationships

  Outstanding quality and flexibilities in engagement

  Personalized service and individual attention on each member associated with client.

  Pilot approach as opposed to big bang approach leading to reduced risk

  Senior level staff employed for software development resulting in high productivity and proper training.

  No rotation of staff policy which helps in retaining knowledge.