Odoo Saas Model Multidomain


Odoo Saas Model Multidomain



This blog provides information about the guide lines to How to make Odoo Saas Model.

how to make odoo sass model in odoo-10 ?

  • Go to Odoo root folder in open the odoo.conf .
  • Set "dbfilter = %h"
  • Some of the features Sitecore natively supports
  • %h = hostname.domainname.com And %d = hostname
  • The value is a regular expression, you may use %d for a hostname part of domain or %h to full domain name.

how to Hide List of DB.

  • Find DB list_db in odoo.conf file make it False
  • list_db = "False"

Now access odoo

  • Url : client1.yourdomainname:8069
  • ExUrl : client1.abc.com:8069
  • If you want to run odoo in local
  • You can require to make host entry.