virtual team

Just create your virtual team and allow us to drive a development with your dedicated team developer in Sitecore. Every hired person will have a certain responsibility according to their expertise. You can communicate with your developer anytime as they are your employee with your need. We ensure that all the phases of development, match with your exactly requirement, development will be get it done with good quality and on time exactly as it should be.

We remain in background and you deal with your client directly. You are involved in the sales and delivery process. Once you finalize the project with your client, we begin the development process with you. We strongly make sure that we will not at all approach your client directly ever. This is a promise of HaptiX and do not bound any security to chase your client directly. During this development phase a dedicated member will keep you fully informed of the progress. This way you work with our team as an extension of your team.

Since the final deliverables you are for the web, we are able to share all the work/progress with you on a private area on the internet. For efficient communication we are also use online collaboration platforms like specific tool for communication and structuring milestones and achievable.

This is the best method fit for the clients who is working & dealing on Sitecore with their valuable clients.

We guaranteed you that we will never approach your client directly even after a contract end. Never! This is not at all our objective, our objective to simply help our clients like you in development of Sitecore solution in various modules without knowing your clients with excellent quality and great support. In fact more value to be added to your business.

In this model, you just have to share your requirements with us, we work out at our end and appoint right candidates for you. A right candidate you can choose by taking his/her interview or we can select a best for your requirements and appoint at development center at HaptiX. We will share a true CV of those candidates from our local market, you choose, select them, approve them and then we hire at our office. A whole team you have selected will be your team working for you.