HaptiX has a purpose to it: namely Invent – transform – assure. Our team of experts provides a scope of working in an international environment. At Intransure, each person associated being given with a sense of ownership of the process or assignments which drive a great momentum of delivery effectiveness in the way we perform and commit to our clients.

Our focus on three key stakeholders – clients, promoters and employees; who bring together the growth of the organization. Keeping those three elements at heart of the organization framework is important aspect of our commitment to the client, shareholders and employees.

We have developed a strong culture of belongingness within the employees who work in a collaborative work environment. We share the values, achievements and celebrate success together to keep every individual associated with Intransure as a rich learning experience.

We have a strong vision to transform the way people commit and the way they deliver. This transformation is the DNA of our business success and we want to make sure everybody should be proud to be associated with us.